Our results with our clients are testament to the effectiveness of the Daisy Retreat Programe. Research shows that learning (or conditioning) is best facilitated when it is done is a massed, repeated way. Thus, intensive is best.

So much can be achieved in just eight days in Bali. Because our retreats offer a format of one-to-one CBT sessions every day, progress begins immediately. Clients are able to focus entirely on healing their mental health issues, and the accompanying therapies add to the ability to focus and heal. Eight concurrent days of psychotherapy, Cognitive-based Mindfulness Meditation therapy and yoga provides the ideal combination, allowing clients to progress dramatically during the course of their stay.

The DaisyDifference
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Daisy Retreat's results with our clients achieve on average a 92% reduction in level of depression and a 90% reduction in anxiety levels after 16 hrs CBT and 16 hours of Mindfulness Meditation Therapy/Yoga (8 day Retreat).