Clients who are coming to Bali, or for those who live in Indonesia, may prefer our introductory course of CBT and Mindfulness Meditation Therapy. Our day course is ideal for those who have considered CBT or perhaps have already tried CBT but would like more insight on what can be achieved through this clinically recommended talk therapy. In addition, you will be given an introduction course to the practice of Mindfulness Meditation Therapy, a perfect complement to CBT.

Day Courses include:

•  1:1 CBT session of 2 hours (3 hours if coming as a couple);
•  Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Therapy, 1.5 hours;
•  From $795 USD per day.

Please send a note to to enquire about dates for our Day Therapy.

Daisy Retreat's results with our clients achieve on average a 92% reduction in level of depression and a 90% reduction in anxiety levels after 16 hrs CBT and 16 hours of Mindfulness Meditation Therapy/Yoga (8 day Retreat).